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What are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data containing text sent from a website to your computer or mobile device, where they are stored locally. They can uniquely identify your internet browser (like Google Chrome or Apple Safari) or device to help us enhance your user experience and provide additional functionality. They can be used for storing preferences, protecting your data, tracking geolocation, and targeting advertising. We use cookies on our website(s), so please read the following cookie policy to understand what cookies are used, how you can manage this, and how to contact us for any questions or complaints.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to get a better understanding of how you use our website and interact with content. We may use cookies for remembering you language preferences or not requiring you to sign in every time you visit the website. These cookies may also track your geolocation so that we can offer deals and prices specific to your location. Also, we may use your usage data to provide targeted advertisements on third party websites. A more comprehensive list of cookies and uses are outlined below.

What Kind of Cookies Are Used?

Netop uses both first- party and third-party cookies on our website.

The first-party cookies used are issued by the Netop domain. They serve many purposes (outlined in the “Types of Cookies” section below), generally to collect analytics data, remember language settings, and perform other useful functions that provide a good user experience and more.

In addition, third-party cookies belonging to other parties, including business partners and service providers, are used by the website. The cookies (outlined below) are used to provide enhanced functionality and personalization  and more. Specifics on these cookies are outlined in the “Third-Party Cookies” section below.

Types of Cookies

In general, there are four categories of cookies that Netop uses:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential to the basic functionality of the website, such as to access secure areas of the site and to log on to your user account. They enable user navigation around the website. This category of cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies help us to tailor the website to provide enhanced features and content based on how you have used the website previously and set up other customization, such as language preferences, remembering usernames, and geolocation. The information tracked by these cookies may be anonymous and not used to track your browsing activity on other sites.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information about how you use our website. The cookies tell us which pages you visit, how often, errors encountered, and how we can improve your experience. These are generally collected for statistical purposes and do not contain personal information, such as name or email address.
  • Targeting, Marketing and Advertising Cookies: These cookies provide information about user interaction with our content to help us and third parties (including advertisers) deliver relevant advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. However, these cookies are anonymous and cannot be linked to your user account.

Third Party Cookies

Third-party suppliers may be used by the website to improve functionality, target advertisements, and more. Unlike first-party cookies (which belong to Netop), third-party cookies are placed by another party on your device through our website. For example, you may visit a page on the Netop website with an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video. Videos, links, and other content from third parties may contain third-party cookies. They may be used to understand how you use their services and/or for targeted advertising elsewhere on the internet. Please consult the third-party cookie policy and familiarize yourself with how to manage those cookies.




Helps mitigate risk associated with spam and bot traffic. Cloudflare places the cookie on end-user devices that access customer sites protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode

Opt-out & details


Remembers usage history and ensures the seamless functioning of embedded Vimeo videos across multiple websites


Allows the Cloudflare WAF to distinguish individual users who share the same IP address


To store cookie consent preferences.

Cookie used by Complianz

Google Fonts API

Purpose is Marketing. Reads user IP address.

Cookie used by Google Fonts


Purpose is Statistics. Stores and tracks audience reach.

Cookie used by Vimeo


Purpose is Marketing. Stores location data.

Cookie used by YouTube.


Purpose is Marketing. Provides ad delivery or retargeting, stores and tracks a visitor’s identity and tracks interaction.

Cookie used by YouTube.


Purpose is Functional. Stores user preferences. 

Cookie used by WordPress.


Purpose is Functional. provide load balancing functionality.

Cookie used by LinkedIn. LinkedIn cookie table


Purpose is Marketing. Stores and tracks visits across websites.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Marketing. Stores and tracks a visitor’s identity.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Marketing. Stores if a message has been shown.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Stores cookie consent preferences.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Stores and track visits across websites.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Stores browser details 

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Marketing. Provides ad delivery or retargeting.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Stores privacy preferences.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Marketing. Stores and tracks a visitor’s identity.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Marketing. Provides ad delivery or retargeting.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Provides functions across pages.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Provides load balancing functionality.

Cookie used by LinkedIn


Purpose is Functional. Stores cookie consent preferences.

Cookie used by Borlabs


Purpose is Marketing. Provides functions across pages.

Cookie used by LinkedIn

How Long Will Cookies Remain?

Cookies stay on your device(s) for differing amounts of time, depending on whether it is a “persistent” or “session” cookie:

Persistent cookies: These cookies are used to remember your preferences on the website, to analyze user behavior to establish patterns of usage and preferences, and to improve functionality of the website. They remain on your computer or device until they expire or they are deleted by you. They persist even after you close the browser and restart your computer. 

Session cookies: These cookies are used to remember your activity during the course of the current website visit. They are temporary and only stay on your computer or device only until you stop the current browsing session.

How to Manage Cookie Preferences?

As a user, you have the right to reject, delete, or otherwise limit the use of any and all types of cookies used while visiting the Netop] website. You can change your cookie preferences by adjusting your browser setting. Be aware most browsers automatically accept cookies, so if you do not want cookies to be used, you may need to proactively delete or block the cookies. However, many of the cookies are important for the intended use of the website, so rejecting, deleting, or limiting the use of cookies may not result in optimal functionality of the website. For more information on cookies and how to manage preferences, please refer to this external resource:

Contact Information

For any questions, concerns, or requests to exercise your rights outlined in this privacy notice, please contact us via email at phone at +44 (0) 1509 611 341 or mail us at:

Netop is an Impero company.


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Changes to this cookie policy:

This cookie policy was last updated on June 1st 2024.  

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